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Support Services

Support Services

A distinctive characteristic of our school program is the system of support service available to address the specific needs of students.  Services offered to Seeds of Health Elementary families include bilingual support, reading and math support, a variety of after school activities, and a variety of after school parent sharing opportunities.

Special Education
Special education is provided to students at Seeds of Health Elementary School.  The special education department is staffed by a special education teacher who works closely with administration, instructors, community agencies and parents to ensure that each student reaches his/her academic potential.

Tutorial Program
Seeds of Health Elementary School is dedicated to meeting the needs of individual students.  Many times extra help is necessary for students to be successful.  

Guidance Program
Periodic classroom guidance with a preventative focus is provided to students in grades K-8.  In addition, individual and small group short-term counseling is offered through Wellpoint Care Network as needed. Big Brothers Big Sisters MentorYou program was piloted at Seeds of Health Elementary during the 2022-2023 school year. 

Language Support
The following resources are available to Seeds of Health students  who  would  benefit  from  language  support:
   • Whole classroom culturally responsive ELA curriculum
   • Small group pull-out support in reading and math
   • Bilingual individual/small group student support

Support Services Documents

Ashley Guttuso
School Counselor
Stephanie Douglas
Academic Resource Teacher
Melissa Rosenfeld
Impact Coordinator